Automating SharePoint Server Warm-up

This week I’m in a SharePoint training class. Specifically, SharePoint 2010 business intelligence.

Common actions at most SharePoint trainings include “iisreset” and server reboots. No big deal, except that after either of those events SharePoint pages load very slowly the first time around. That really slows me down on labs and annoys me.

This is why I like to set up a warm-up script to run automatically after either event. Here’s how…

Copy the warm-up script from: http://blog.idevteam.nl/2010/10/sharepoint-2010-warmup-script.html Other variations can be found at many different sites, this is just the one I’m using.

Paste it into a notepad document, and save it with a “ps1” extension. Then open up task scheduler and create a task with the following settings:


  • At System Startup
  • On an Event
    Log: System, Source: IIS-IISReset, Event ID: 3201


  • Program/Script: C:\windows\system32\windowspowershell\v1.0\powershell.exe
  • Arguments: “& ‘path-of-warm-up-script-here’”

Save the task and you should have a little bit faster load times after IIS restarts.