Live@EDU SharePoint Single Sign On WebPart

At our school, we have been using Outlook Live@EDU for a while now with the Chisolm Web Part for SharePoint Single Sign On found at codeplex. This has been working well for us, but we’re concerned about the alerts we’ve been getting from Microsoft about the upcoming URL change for SSO to outlook.com/edu.

When the web part was built the address was mail.live.com, and apparently that address is going to stop working. Another issue that we have come across with the URL is that we do not require the students to enter their birthday and agree to the EULA the first time they log in because we already have them sign the documents when they enroll at the school. But they were getting the prompt when setting up their account via the web part. Since we are using outlook live and not Hotmail, it only bypasses those prompts when we direct the students to outlook.com/edu.

So, I updated the Chisolm Web part to use the new URL. Now it does not prompt us for Birthdates and EULA agreements, and it should continue working even after mail.live.edu stops.

Another modification I wanted to make, was to have the webpart grab the SLT upon button click instead of page refresh to eliminate timeout errors, but alas, I have no coding knowledge (outside of HTML… 1… and Basic… as in TI-83+ Basic…) so that didn’t happen. I’ll probably still monkey with it from time to time, but if anyone has already made that tweak, let me know please! It’d be greatly appreciated.

Here is the link to the MSI file for the web part with the updated URL use the same installation instructions as the original webpart: http://cid-667155e16da8803f.office.live.com/self.aspx/Public/Chisholm.Windows.Live.Installer.msi

NOTE: We use Direct Connection. So, I have not tested the middle-tier server solution. I do not know if that works. I assume it does. If you find otherwise, let me know in the comments. Thanks!


  1. Very nice work. Our portal uses the built in calendar in the new Outlook web app, and the link takes us to the (old)hotmail calendar. How tough was it to update the links? I need to just update the link for the calendar part. I would love it if it worked to uncheck the box and just not show the calendar link, but that doesn't appear to work.

    Great job on getting the EULA and bday prompts to go away!


    Dan G
    IT server admin
    Central Community College
    Grand Island, Nebraska

  2. Hi,

    This does not work for Middle Tear, but thanks for provising a possible solution :)


  3. Can you tell me where in the code the two line were that you midified? I just want to check that they are correct for my installation.


  4. Dear Josh,
    I am new to Chisolm Web Part for SharePoint Single Sign On. I configured the SSO webpart by following the instructions. However, I can't see the icons shown on the page. Do you mind telling if there are any tricky points that need to take care of?

    Best regards,
    Chris Chong